Green Preschool Room

The program is flexible, and child-focussed with a mix of play-based learning and intentionally planned experiences for 3-4-year-old children.

An indoor/outdoor program allows for the planning of smaller group experiences and provides opportunities for educators to respect and work with each child’s unique qualities and abilities. The daily program offers worthwhile and challenging experiences and interactions to foster higher level thinking skills.

Each week the program provides thoughtfully planned experiences to expand children’s thinking and enhance their desire to know and learn. These programs are displayed for families to engage with their child in their home.

The Language and Literacy program fosters opportunities to support communication and literacy capabilities which is vital for successful learning across the curriculum.

The STEM program (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is designed to create curiosity, numeracy and problem solving to build confidence and scientific capacity.

The Art program allows each child to explore, imagine and create while taking on challenges, revisiting their ideas and building perseverance.

A carefully designed Music and movement program fosters an awareness and appreciation of culture and expands children’s physical skills. This supports their body and spatial awareness, rhythm, coordination, flexibility, agility, balance and oral skills.

The children also engage in a 10-month Social Skills Program – PALS. This program has been designed by clinical psychologists to help children learn, develop and practice social skills such as cooperating, taking turns and solving social problems to become socially confident.

The Preschool Program is led by a team of qualified and experienced Early Childhood Teachers, Diploma and Certificate III educators.


Green Preschool Room - Team Leader Caryn
(Bachelor of Teaching Early Childhood)


Green Preschool Room Leader Mel
(Diploma in Children’s Services)


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